Sunday, 6.9. – final day

We were lucky to be able to host an all Slovenian final – Živa Falkner vs. Tina Cvetkovič.

We started the day with the Slovenian hymn performed by Kristina Kastelic. The players got on the court at 10:00 together with the referee Boštjan Rojc and after the warm-up, the final began.

The first set went down pretty quickly – Živa Falkner didn’t allow Tina Cvetkovič to mess with her rhythm, she was determined and responded well to everything. After about 30 minutes Falkner won the first set with 6-0.

After Tina’s medical timeout in the second set, the match became much more close. Both players showed us the game that got them into the final and fought into the tie-break of the second set. Živa started the tie-break with a 4-1 lead but Tina turned it around into 4-5. Despite being nervous, Živa managed to take advantage of her second match point and win the tie-break with 8-6.

In front of the home crowd, Živa became the singles champion of Krka Open 2020. Congratulations!